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While you are watching an exciting video, you want to download it and save it on your computer. Web browsers for downloading files can help you do that. However, they are not always acting well for the task. I would like to introduce JDownloader to you. JDownloader is developed by JD team and is considered as a useful downloader. This tool is Java-based, it also can run across Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a great advancement.

You will be surprised by JDownloader. It includes 75 hoster such as RapidShare and others and over 300 decrypt plug-ins for your more choice. All themes and the feature of Multilingual are conevenient for you to use. You will feel sastisfied.

Especially, This program enables you to download several files parellel with multiple connections. Also, JDownloader includes an own powerful OCR module (JAntiCaptcha) and it is able to decrypt RSDF, CCF and DLC Containerfiles.

Further, JDownloader allows you to monitor the clipboard and parse any URL you copy into it to see if it includes files that could be downloaded. If you feed it with a YouTube link, it will support you to download the video in any resolution offered on the page.

JDownloader is developed in order to deal with file hosts. Therefore, You can not cancel downloads with the function of “pause”. It only can slow the process, and help you use your bandwidth as needed.

You notice that when you download JDownloader. It will include the installation of a WebInstaller which downloads the files wanted for a complete installation.

After the program is set up, JDownloader will add a shortcut to the Windows 7 list of applications on the “outside” of the Start menu. In order to run JDownloader directly, you have to open All Programs including shortcuts and track down the JDownloader shortcut there.

In conclusion, with the free installation of JDownloader, you can download any files you want. It is very easy and flexible for you to use. Share it with your friends and experience the new feelings together.


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